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Nice looking town, stone buildings, long avenue of trees and impressive Château.

Built in 1631 by the celebrated architect FranÇois Mansart (1598-1666) at the request of Jean de Choisy, the Château de Balleroy and its village are one of the first urban plans that inspired other castles, including Versailles.

Everything was built ex nihilo. The château itself has retained almost all of its original features and thanks to this bears witness to the major innovations of the 17th Century.

In 1970, Malcolm S. Forbes, owner of a major U.S. newspaper group acquired the château which was then fully restored and refurbished. Today, his four sons and his daughter continue his work.

Hot air balloon museum
The museum of hot air balloons displays the amazing adventure of man's first conquest of the sky, and presents the history of hot air and gas balloons from the beginning of its time up until modern days. With the help of Malcom Forbes's collection of historical hot air balloon artifacts, as well as an informative documentary, the exhibition provides an enjoyable experience for all.

Classis Garden Park
Charming and romantic, that is the garden awaiting for visitors to come take a walk in it. We can't dissociate the rich architecture of the Château de Balleroy from the wonder of its English park and its French garden. Landscapists Bournot et Chatelain modified the surroundings of the Château in the 19th century by crafting winding lanes. The garden has been reworked in the 20th century by Achille and Henri Duchêne.

Tea rooms
Take a break in this warm and peaceful room where you can taste the delicious "Mariage Frères" tea, which has been a celebrated Paris tea manufacturer since 1854. Have a gourmet moment and enjoy our coffee, teas and cakes, or an ice cream to refresh yourselves !
The tearoom is free to come and visit on its own and is open from April to September during the same opening hours as the museum.

The shop
The boutique, which is free to come and visit, is open during the same opening hours as the hot air balloon museum. You will find there many products from French arts and crafts and objects bearing the image of the château and hot air balloons, along with posters for the international balloons meetings.
You can also find products made with apples from the château, transformed by Les Vergers de Ducy as French cider, apple jam, various Calvados and Pommeau.


Distance from campsite - 22km (25 mins by car)


Many spaces outsite of the château grounds.


Le Manoir de la Drôme Restaurant.
Certificate of Excellence2016 - 2017 Winner.


Good amenities, post office, bars, 2 bakeries, butcher, supermarket & cash machine.


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SOUS LES ÈTOILES NORMANDIE is a family run campsite in the village of St Martin des Besaces, Calvados, offering camping and caravanning. Perfectly situated for exploring the undulating picturesque countryside, tasting renowned cheeses, sampling sparkling cider and of course, the famous Calvados.



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