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A little about Sous Les Étoiles and your data.

We ("Sous Les Étoiles"), use your personal information to process and manage your past, present and future reservations - Campsite and Storage facilities.

We do not provide this data to any other body other than those legally entitled under due process of law (i.e. police and other law enforcement bodies as authorised by the courts).

We also use the data to contact you should there should be queries concerning your booking or to advise you of any items found on your pitch after you finish your stay.

Subject to your permission we may send you an annual newsletter.

You have the right to request to view the data held on you at any time.

We undertake to amend the data held if requested by you.

We undertake to keep the data secure and relevant for purpose. We will keep the data only for as long as necessary.

In the event of concerns we request that you first make contact with us so we may resolve any perceived issues to your satisfaction.

In the event of dispute you have the right to contact your ICO Information Commissioners office.

For the record data held by our system is as follows:
Name, Postal Address, Telephone number and/or Mobile telephone number, email address, nationality, passport number (if provided), Car registration number (if provided), notes on special dietary and other special needs (if provided), gender (if provided), date of birth (if provided) and your payment and visit history at Sous Les Étoiles.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) effective in Europe after 25th May 2018.


SOUS LES ÈTOILES NORMANDIE is a family run campsite in the village of St Martin des Besaces, Calvados, offering camping and caravanning. Perfectly situated for exploring the undulating picturesque countryside, tasting renowned cheeses, sampling sparkling cider and of course, the famous Calvados.



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